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Q: Why do I need brakes on my boat trailer?
A: Florida law requires that all trailers and combinations have appropriate braking systems. In the state of Florida, all trailers must have brakes on each wheel unless the weight of the trailer and the load combined does not exceed 3,000 pounds. Additionally, the total weight of the trailer cannot exceed 40% of the weight of the vehicle towing the trailer, and must meet specific performance requirements.

Q: What kind of brakes require the least amount of maintenance or adjusting?
A: At AMW, we specialize in and sell S.S. Kodiak disc brakes. Disc brakes adjust themselves, and do not require any manual adjusting. Drum brakes, on the other hand, should be adjusted regularly.

Q: What is the appropriate maintenance schedule for wheel bearings on my boat trailer?
A: We recommend that at the end of boating season, each hub should be disassembled and checked for any kind of deterioration or contamination, even if you buy your trailer brand new at the beginning of season.

Q: Does AMW provide galvanizing services?
A: All of our steel boat trailers are galvanized off site.

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